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10 May

Scoop on The Loop

Over the past few years, you’ve been asked to join membership clubs by providing your names, addresses and other pertinent information to get access to special pricing, previews to products before they are introduced to the public, and other exclusive offers.  With the new website, BAC created a new club called The Loop which has benefits associated with signing up.

We’ve gotten feedback that there are some who don’t want to sign up so I came up with some possibilities as to why.

    1. You’d have to pay for it.
    2. Signing up takes too long.
    3. We’d sell your name and other info.
    4. We’d send random daily e-mails pestering you.
    5. We’d enter your name/e-mail on surveys and try to win millions of dollars.

Let’s see if I can clear up these concerns.

    1. The membership is absolutely FREE…yes, no money required.
    2. Signing up takes very little time.  It takes the same amount of time as eating a chocolate bar.
    3. We don’t sell your name or other info to anyone…ever.
    4. We promise to send you ONLY ONE e-mail MONTHLY about pertinent cooling info.
    5. We won’t fill out surveys or enter you in sweepstakes.  But take a moment…think about winning millions of dollars…what would you do with it?

So this is the scoop on the loop.  What do you think?

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Commenting on BAC @ You posts is one of the many benefits of becoming a member of The Loop, click here to register today.

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