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17 May

To FM or Not…That is the Question

Russ Lindemann here and last week I found myself reading the new FM Approval Standard for Cooling Towers (Class Number 4930) which was revised in May 2009.  Having been at BAC for a long time, I know that FM Approvals certifies industrial and commercial products and services for companies worldwide.  When a product or service meets the standards of FM Approvals, it is issued the “FM APPROVED” mark to signify it will perform as expected and support property loss prevention. BAC has shipped equipment with the FM Approved label for years!  But the previous Standard focused on the potential loss due to fire.  The new standard still includes combustibility requirements for single cell towers, multi-cell towers and roof mounted towers.  The new Standard now includes requirements for both seismic and wind loads!

So as an end user, engineer or manufacturer we have ASCE-7 and IBC and FM…Oh my!

Go to to review the new FM Standard.

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