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21 Jun

My New Experience in Refrigeration

I’ve been working at BAC for 15 years and I know cooling towers and closed circuit cooling tower applications like the back of my hand. I’ve done everything from moving connections to developing a new unit back in the days when I worked in Applications.

Now I’m learning about Refrigeration applications, from the options offered to operation requirements. For example, equipment operators take care of their condensers like they were their cars so any maintenance features to make their jobs easier are very appreciated.

A majority of refrigeration processes are 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Even in the winter, there is a relatively high cooling load which means winter operation is key. Most refrigeration operators will run their condensers dry in the winter time…this was a new concept for me coming from the HVAC perspective.

Down time is nonexistent, if the condenser goes down. Product spoils which means losses of millions of dollars. So reliability, redundancy are key requirements.

Because of these reasons, the VCA (an axial fan, forced draft product) is the work horse of the industry. The drive system is on the outside of the unit, its reliable, and has extremely good dry operating characteristics. Now that it has been redesigned its very easy to maintain with big …access doors, sloped basins, tool-less branch removal system.

Condensers are used in a variety of applications from wineries, to fruit/vegetable processing and finally to meat processing industries. I’ll just leave it at that and once again be glad about being a vegetarian.

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