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07 Jul

Maintenance of Induced Draft Crossflow Cooling Towers

While capacity, horsepower and initial and operating costs are all very important factors when selecting a cooling tower, long term maintenance and care should also be heavily considered. BAC crossflow cooling towers, such as our Series 3000 and 1500, include a multitude of features which make them easier to care for and maintain:

  • Hinged access doors and internal walkways provide easy entry into the spacious plenum for routine drive maintenance
  • Easy to remove covers on the hot water basins quicken inspection of basins
  • For Series 1500, inlet strainers collect dirt and debris before it reaches the hot water basin, keeping the nozzles clean
  • Optional external service platforms make it easier to inspect and work on unit from the exterior
  • Fill surface is elevated above the sloped cold water basin floor to facilitate easy flushing of dirt and debris

It is important to care for the equipment properly after it has been installed, extending the life of the unit, so be sure to know how to care for your equipment properly from the beginning. Already own a tower and want to make your maintenance easier? Platforms are available from the Aftermarket Department and can be installed on most older crossflow units. Have any questions? Ask away here or contact your local BAC Rep! We are all happy to help!

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