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02 Aug

Repair or Replace

Many times we are approached by customers that would like to know when that defining moment in their equipment’s life has come to replace the entire unit instead of repairing it.  This is very simple answer with a few caveats; when the cold water basin is no longer structurally sound (it cannot support the weight of a maintenance worker) it is time to replace the unit.  As the parts department at Baltimore Aircoil Company, whose focus is to assist all of our customers by providing repair, replacement, and preventative maintenance parts for their units, we would prefer that you wait until this point.  We can supply the correct combination of parts to repair or replace any section, from the cold water basin and up, for customer requests.

However, we also want our customers to get the most out of their equipment without spending an exorbitant amount of time on repairs and preventative maintenance.  This means that equipment location and service costs for repairs may play a large factor in the costliness of major restoration for units in operation.  If the repair will require, large pieces of equipment, and multiple man hours, it may be wise to replace the entire unit.  Our typical rule of thumb for the expense in repair or the full unit replacement is 70% of the cost of a new unit.  If it will cost more than 70% of the price of a new unit, replace the unit.

The best source for information on the price for repair or replacement for your equipment is to contact your local BAC Representative and talk to them about your unit options.

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