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Announcing: The PC2 Evaporative Condenser

Announcing: The PC2 Evaporative Condenser

BAC is pleased to introduce the PC2 Evaporative Condenser, BAC’s newest product. The PC2 is a counterflow, induced draft, axial fan unit that operates between 41 and 2,506 ammonia tons. It is an ideal replacement unit for the Evapco ATC and Imeco IDC units due to box sizes, steel supports, and exceptional capacity ranges.

Additional notable features of the PC2 include:

  • Shake table tested up to 3.75g (restricted)
  • Meets the wind and seismic certification requirements of 2009 International Building Code
  • 7.4’ x 9’ and 7.4’ x  18’ units can be containerized for easy export

To learn more about the PC2, please utilize the following resources:

  • BAC’s website now has a PC2 section.
  • A 20 page Evaporative Condenser brochure, highlighting all evaporative condensers including the PC2, is available to download online.
  • Visit the Multimedia section of BAC’s Knowledge Center to watch a video about the new PC2 as well as other new developments in Refrigeration.
  • Selection software has been updated with PC2 data.

The PC2 completes BAC’s Evaporative Cooling Line and makes BAC the one stop shop for your evaporative condenser needs.