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07 Feb

Cooling Tower World is Open!

Hello! Have you heard about BAC’s latest and greatest addition? We’ve launched, our own store-front where customers can but factory authorized, BAC certified, commodity parts. Need a bearing for your cooling tower? How about a belt? Bushing or sheave? You can get all of those and more, BAC Certified, from Cooling Tower World – all with FREE two-day shipping!

 A couple things to note:

 If you don’t know what part you need for your cooling tower, evaporative condenser, or fluid cooler, be sure to contact your local BAC Representative. Your local BAC Rep has the experience and knowledge to make sure you get the right part for the right tower.

Need it sooner than two days? Contact your local BAC Representative. Many BAC Representatives keep parts in stock and might be able to get you the part sooner than two days.

Full kits are available! Unlike other parts stores, Cooling Tower World offers parts that you need altogether in a kit. No need to worry about buying the right sizes. Buy sheave and bushing kits, automatic bearing greaser kits, bolt kits, and more.

Still need more information? Visit the FAQ section on Cooling Tower World or Contact you local BAC Representative!

Don’t know who your local BAC Representative is? Click here to find out

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