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Introducing the New FXV

Introducing the New FXV

Baltimore, MD — BAC is proud to announce the new FXV Closed Circuit Cooling Tower! We unveiled the new FXV at AHR Expo in Las Vegas, and it won a 2011 Innovation Award honorable mention.

BAC’s new FXV Closed Circuit Cooling Tower offers more flexibility than ever before, providing optimized selections based on footprint, horsepower, pressure drop, and price. Utilizing patented Advanced Coil Technology and Combined Flow Technology, BAC provides the most energy efficient closed circuit cooling tower on the market and one that provides 33% to 50% more capacity than before. In addition, the FXV has been shake table tested, guaranteeing operation after a seismic event. If that wasn’t enough – the new FXV is also offered in unique materials of construction including TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System and EVERTOUGH™ Construction.

Want some more information? Click here to find out more about the 2011 FXV Closed Circuit Cooling Tower!