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03 Mar

2011 AHR Expo

The AHR Expo, held a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, had over 34,000 attendees, more than 1,900 exhibitors and their 20,000 personnel! It was the 3rd largest AHR Expo in the history of the Show!

BAC was happy to be part of the experience! We announced our new parts website,, and we were also proud to reveal our newest product, the FXV 2011, winner of an Honorable Mention Innovation Award. At our Monday morning meetings, we were excited to share our newest model with a record number of reps, and throughout the show we enjoyed seeing reps and customers alike stop by our booth.

While we liked the set-up of our own booth, we also enjoyed walking around and seeing the booths of other people in the industry. Kari and Lisa participated in the Eaton Money Booth game,  while Justin and Greg met NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick at Rheem’s  booth.

Were you at AHR? See anything in particular? Tell us about it!

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