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21 Mar

Maintenance Spotlight: Automatic Bearing Greasers

Greasing unit bearings can be one of the most tedious, time-consuming tasks. Tools and grease are lugged to the top of a building, up on top of platforms, or into tight enclosures where maintenance techs then have to (in some cases) remove a screen for each bearing, manually grease the bearing, (in some cases) replace the screens, and then deal with grease clean up.

Under greasing bearings causes premature failure due to increased friction and wear on internal bearing parts. Over greasing bearings can cause just as many problems; when grease is applied with too much pressure, bearing seals can be ruptured.

What is the answer, you ask? Maintenance free BAC Automatic Bearing Greasers! Positive displacement pumps allow for mounting up to 30 feet away from the bearing! Not only does the continuous supply of new grease eliminate the need for maintenance, but it also extends the life of the bearing by eliminating under and over greasing problems. When the grease pouch is nearly depleted, after three months, six months or a year depending on bearing size, you simply replace the pouch! Easy!

Questions? Comments? Want to profess your love of your Automatic Bearing Greasers? Let me know!

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