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04 Apr

A Whole New LOOK on Maintaining Evaporative Cooling Equipment

A necessary druggery for all evaporative equipment owners. Without it, units quickly fall into disrepair and suddenly small issues, which were originally easy to address, can become major problems. We’ve talked frequently on here about maintenance schedules and the generalities behind their importance (see here for spring start up and here for bearing greasers), but, one thing we haven’t talked about is access, and how important sizeable access options are to the maintenance and serviceability of all evaporative equipment.

Here at BAC we’ve gotten feedback from contractors and customers, expressing how important large access doors are. On the new VCA in December 2009, everybody was really excited about the new oversized door. The positive feedback we received was enough to push us further forward and now, BAC is proud to announce the BAC Retrofit Access Door.

Up to three times bigger than most current access options, the BAC Retrofit Access Door can be fit to many BAC, Imeco, and Evapco evaporative condensers or cooling towers. At 28” by 36”, it is big enough to even fit a standard 8’ A-frame ladder into the tower!

Yep! You read that correctly! An 8’ A-frame ladder! Try fitting that through your standard circular door!

Other advantages include two locking handles that assure positive sealing, a support handle for ease of entry, and telescoping support channels. Average install time – only 8 hours! All while maintaining the existing structural integrity of the unit with BAC’s exclusive design.

Need more information? Want to fit one on your unit? Check out our Product Report in the Knowledge Center and contact your local BAC Representative for more information!

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