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Announcing: The CXVB Evaporative Condenser

Announcing: The CXVB Evaporative Condenser

Baltimore, MD — Improving on an already successful product, BAC is proud to announce the CXVB Evaporative Condenser!

With 34% more capacity and its patented coil-fill design, the CXVB sets the standard for heat rejection technology. CXVB Evaporative Condensers deliver fully rated thermal performance over a wide range of heat rejection and temperature requirements for various refrigerants, and they are available with single model capacities ranging from 75 to 1,287 nominal R-717 tons.  Large access doors make maintenance more accessible, while shake table tests meet IBC requirements and give customers a piece of mind. This new unit is also offered in unique materials of construction including TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System and EVERTOUGH™ Construction.

To learn more about the CXVB, please utilize the following resources:

  • BAC’s website now has a CXVB section.
  • A 20 page Evaporative Condenser brochure, highlighting all evaporative condensers including the CXVB, is available to download online.
  • Visit the Multimedia section of BAC’s Knowledge Center to watch a video about the new CXVB as well as other new developments in Refrigeration.