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Introducing Phase 2 of the PC2!

Introducing Phase 2 of the PC2!

Introducing Phase 2 of the PC2 Evaporative Condenser! More box sizes have been released, and all optional materials of construction, coils, and accessories are now available.

The PC2 is a counterflow, induced draft, axial fan evaporative condenser that operates between 41 and 2,506 ammonia tons. The PC2 is now available with galvanized steel, Type 304 welded stainless steel, a TriArmor® Corrosion Protection cold water basin, and EVERTOUGH™ Construction. An ideal replacement unit for the Evapco ATC and Imeco IDC units due to box sizes, steel supports, and exceptional capacity ranges, the PC2 continues to be a strong member of the BAC evaporative condenser family.

Additional notable features of the PC2 include:

  • Shake table tested up to an SDS 3.75g (restricted)
  • Meets the wind and seismic certification requirements of 2009 International Building Code
  • 7.4’ x 9’ and 7.4’ x 18’ units can be containerized for easy export

To learn more about the PC2, please utilize the following resources:

  • BAC’s website now has an updated PC2 section.
  • A 20 page Evaporative Condenser brochure, highlighting all evaporative condensers including the PC2, is available to download online.
  • Visit the Multimedia section of BAC’s Knowledge Center to watch a video about the new PC2 as well as other new developments in Refrigeration.