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The PT2 Cooling Tower Gets Bigger!

The PT2 Cooling Tower Gets Bigger!

BAC is proud to announce the newest PT2 Cooling Tower box size – the 12′ x 18′. Joining an already successful line of PT2 products, the PT2-1218 is bigger and better with up to 787 nominal tons. The PT2-1218 also provides critical redundancy with the standard two fan mechanical, setting it apart from all other induced draft, counterflow cooling towers on the market.

Additional features of the PT2 include:

  • All units, including the PT2-1218, can be rigged in a one piece lift.
  • The PT2 continues to have easy maintenance features with the external motor adjustment wrench, inward sliding doors that do not limit workspace, BranchLok™ Removal System for tool-less spray branch removal, removable inspection panels (optional), and motor removal davits (optional).
  • PT2 is seismically verified through dynamic shake table testing up to a SDS of 2.93g at grade and meets wind load ratings of up to 130 psf.
  • All units meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 energy efficiency requirements.
  • Available in durable materials of construction, including TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System and EVERTOUGH™ Construction.

To learn more about the PT2, please utilize the following resources:

  • BAC’s website now has an updated PT2 section.
  • A 20 page Cooling Tower brochure, highlighting all cooling towers  including the PT2, is available to download online.
  • Visit the Multimedia section of BAC’s Knowledge Center to watch a Seismic Certification video.