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12 Jul

Hybrid Technology

Energy savings and water savings are hot topics in today’s environmentally conscious society. How are we, here at BAC, dealing with the issues? Premium efficiency motors, VFDs, and other suggested usage tips, such as free cooling, are just a few ways, but BAC is also proud of its hybrid closed circuit cooling tower, the HXV, which uses different modes of operation to save on water and energy consumption. The HXV has two coil sections, the prime surface coil section and the finned coil section, that, working together or independently, can operate in three different modes of operation: Combined Wet/Dry Mode, Adiabatic Mode, and Dry Mode.

Combined Wet/Dry Mode offers the most efficient heat transfer method and flow control. Initial cooling occurs in the finned coil as air passing over the finned coil pre-cools the internal fluid. As spray water is distributed over the prime surface coil, the primary evaporative cooling then takes place. This Combined Mode utilizes both sensible and evaporative heat transfer, and consequently, when compared to conventional evaporative units, can have significant water savings, even at peak design conditions.

HXV Combined Mode

HXV Combined Mode

Adiabatic Mode occurs when cooling only happens in the finned coil and the fluid to be cooled completely bypasses the evaporative prime surface coil. Water is still pumped over the fill, pre-cooling the incoming outside air before it reaches the finned coil, greatly increasing the rate of sensible heat transfer. Visible plume and water consumption are greatly reduced in Adiabatic Mode while maintaining the low fluid design temperatures required to maximize system efficiency.

HXV Adiabatic Mode

HXV Adiabatic Mode

Dry Mode is just what it seems – the spray water pump is turned off and no water is consumed in the tower. With the spray pump turned off, there is also pump energy savings. The fluid to be cooled is fed from the finned coil into the prime surface coil, maximizing the heat transfer surface available. Another benefit of Dry Mode is that plume is completely eliminated.

HXV Dry Mode

HXV Dry Mode

Clear? Clear as mud? Need more explanation? Ask! We also have a great in depth look at the HXV in our Closed Circuit Cooling Tower brochure that gets into more detail with first cost benefits and the operating savings in the various modes. Be sure to check it out!

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