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11 Aug

Cold Water Basins

We have a training class in at BAC this week – BAC Basics. I find it interesting to see what bits and pieces they find particularly fascinating about BAC’s products. This week somebody was particularly interested in BAC’s patented hygienic cold water basin, which is great since we just published a product spotlight all about them!

Just in case you weren’t aware – all cold water basins are NOT created equally! One of the biggest cooling tower maintenance challenges can be keeping the cold water basin clean and free from biological growth. In competitors’ units, airborne debris can pass through their typical louvers. When the debris sits in the stagnant water of the cold water basin and is then exposed to the sunlight shining through their louvers, biological growth can occur. Water treatment chemicals are typically used to decrease the risks, but can be costly and dangerous at high concentration levels.

BAC, however, makes basin maintenance easier with its patented hygienic cold water basin – a basin with different sloped sections that eliminates any stagnant zones during operation. It is available on the Series 3000 Cooling Towers, FXV Dual Air Inlet Closed Circuit Cooling Towers, and CXV-T Evaporative Condensers. When used in conjunction with the hygienic cold water basin, BAC’s honeycomb Combined Inlet Shields (CIS) lessen the potential for airborne debris to enter the unit’s air inlet face.

Want to know more? Check out our Product Spotlight in the knowledge center!

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