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23 Aug

Shaking in Baltimore

S3000 Stands Strong Behind BAC's Corporate Headquarters in MD

S3000 Stands Strong Behind BAC's Corporate Headquarters in MD

Here at BAC we take seismic testing seriously. We shake table test all of our new units, and have continued to strive for seismic certified excellence. Miss the blog a few months ago on our seismic white paper? Click here to see the blog and here to see the white paper from our Knowledge Center.

So it should not be a surprise that after the earthquake today (Haven’t heard? USA TODAY reports: 5.9 Magnitude Quake Rocks East Coast), we had to check out our own tower. Everybody was safe, the building was secure, and off we go, around the back, to see how it looks. The result? It is still standing and operating just as well as before! How’s that for seismic testing and experience data?

All joking aside, seismic testing is incredibly important to Baltimore Aircoil Company. Seismic calculations will not suffice, so we shake table test our products, proving that when earthquakes occur, be it in California or right here at our corporate home in Baltimore, our units will still operate when the shaking subsides. Want more information?

BAC’s Seismic Video – Second Listed Video

BAC’s Seismic White Paper

Previous Seismic Blog

Did you feel the quake where you were?

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