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14 Sep

E-News Alert!

E-news here! Get your E-news!

It’s E-news time again! Here at BAC we send out a monthly e-newsletter to all of our email friends, highlighting two topics of interest. This month’s topics are:

– Fall Shutdown: The summer is almost over. Did you have performance concerns with your evaporative cooling equipment durin the hottest days? Would you like assurance that your equipment will meet performance expectations next summer? Check out our fall shutdown¬†recommendations in this month’s E-news!

– Ice: Want to save money, increase building efficiency, and be environmentally friendly? You should consider using BAC ICE CHILLER Thermal Storage units as part of your cooling system! Click here for more information from this month’s E-news!

Want to receive our E-news? Sign up for The Loop and check the subscription box! It’s that simple! Let us know if you need assistance!

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