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19 Oct

Free Cooling – Saving Energy and Money

Free Cooling Example

Free Cooling Example

Many air conditioning and industrial cooling systems require chilled water throughout the year. During fall, winter, and spring a system’s cooling tower or closed circuit cooling tower can produce water cool enough to eliminate the need to operate a chiller .This is known as free cooling or evaporative chilling. Free cooling can be designed into new chilled water systems or retro-fitted into existing systems. Even in warm climates, this process can produce energy savings. Money is saved by operating a cooling tower fan motor, which consumes about 0.2 kW/ton, rather than a chiller compressor motor, consuming about 0.6 to 0.8 kW/ton.

Need more information? Want to learn more?! Don’t forget that our Knowledge Center is a wealth of information, and not just about BAC units. We have plenty of industry and technical systems information as well. Free cooling can be found here, so find out more how about you can save money while saving energy!

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