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09 Nov

Where in North America is BAC now?

Here at BAC, we try to be as involved as possible. We participate in trade shows and conferences, as well as various industry groups, all over the country. Just in the past two months alone we’ve participated in:

– Greenbuild in Toronto, Canada

– Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) show in Destin, FL

– Mechanical Service Contractors Association (MSCA) Conference in Colorado Springs, CO,

– Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) in Greensboro, NC

And we aren’t done for the year either! Power-Gen in Las Vegas, NV, is coming up in December.

We don’t take much of a breather! We kick off 2012 with:

– International Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (AHR) Expo in Chicago, IL (January 23-25)

– Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Annual Conference in Houston, TX (February 5-9)

– International District Energy Association (IDEA) Annual Campus Energy Conference in Arlington, VA (February 6-9)

– National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) in Baltimore, MD (March 13-15)

– International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) Industrial Refrigeration Conference in Milwaukee, WI (March 18-21)

Going to be at any of these? Please stop by and see us! For a list of events and booth locations, be sure to check our events page. To check out our day to day happenings at the shows, don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

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