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10 Jan

2011 in Review

2011 was a busy and exciting year here at Baltimore Aircoil Company! We launched new cooling tower, closed circuit cooling tower, and evaporative condenser units, continued to upload and add more content to the web, and our aftermarket division developed and released a variety of options for our past and present cooling towers.

Five New Products were introduced:

– A new cooling tower box size was introduced – PT2 12×18: With a standard two fan mechanical, the PT2 12×18 packs a big punch, providing a large capacity with critical redundancy.

– A new cooling tower product – PT2 Whisper Quiet Fan: CTI certified, ASHRAE compliant, the PT2 Whisper Quiet Fan adds to BAC’s already extensive low sound arsenal.

– A new closed circuit cooling tower – the new FXV: Providing 33%-50% more capacity, the new FXV comes in a durable array of materials of construction, including BAC’s own TriArmor(R) Corrosion Protection System.

– Two new evaporative condensers – the new CXVB and the PC2: The new CXVB and the PC2 expanded BAC’s evaporative condenser line to now include a unit for every application and situation. More capacity, more materials of construction and more internal options means that BAC’s refrigeration team has a solution for any need.

New Aftermarket Part Opportunities

– Retrofit Access Door can be added to older BAC and competitor models, making maintenance more accessible.

Nozzles and Grommet Kits for 360™ Spray Nozzles were developed and released, making maintenance and replacement easier, and helping regain lost capacity on older, less maintained cooling towers.

Announced Cooling Tower World – another place to find information about aftermarket parts that BAC sells for BAC’s and competitors’ units.

And stay tuned! We’ve got more in store, and in particular, we are very excited to be revealing a bunch in a few weeks at AHR! Look forward to seeing you there!

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