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10 Feb

Basin Blues

Does your leaky basin give you the blues? Fear not! BAC has the answer for you! BAC provides welded stainless steel cold water basins. Every stainless steel basin comes standard with welded seams and is factory tested against leaks, backed by a five year leak proof warranty. This lovely option is available on ten different product lines, and each basin is designed for ease of ownership and reliable performance.

Welded basins are not the only offering on the market, so it is important not to be fooled. Competitors offer bolted stainless steel cold water basins, which over time can leak. Want to ensure the best? Check out the latest in our Knowledge Center – a Product Spotlight detailing the benefits of BAC’s Welded Stainless Steel Cold Water Basins.

Welded Stainless Steel Cold Water Basin

Welded Stainless Steel Cold Water Basin

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