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21 Mar

Maintenance time!

A few of us here in Baltimore are greeting the beautiful spring weather by bringing our bikes out of the closet and going for a ride. Before I put any milage on my bike though, I took some time to do a spring tune-up on my bike. Simple steps, such as cleaning then re-lubing the chain, adjusting the derailleur, and truing the wheel can all help prevent maintenance problems in the future. I’ll be riding long miles soon enough, and I’d rather have my bike in good shape before the really nice weather shows up.

The same goes for your cooling tower.

A good maintenance regime can really make a difference to the life and efficiency of your cooling tower, so it is important to consider easy maintenance features when you are buying a cooling tower. Designed for easy ownership, the Series 3000 and Series 1500 Cooling Towers include more maintenance friendly features than any other evaporative cooling product on the market. Standard features include:

– Easy access to drive components

– BALTIDRIVE® Power Train

– Easy Access to water distribution

– Patented sloped hygienic cold water basin

– Fill surface elevated above basin floor

– Large hinged access doors

There are also quite a few optional upgrades and accessories that can make the maintenance experience even easier. Take a look at our new Knowledge Center document for more information on “Maintenance Made Easy: Series 3000 and Series 1500 Cooling Towers“.

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21 Mar

Maintenance time!

A few of us here in Baltimore are greeting the beautiful spring weather by bringing […]

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