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29 Mar

Resource Central

One of the great places on BAC’s website, in case you haven’t explored it, is the Knowledge Center. Brimming with industry, product, and systems information, the BAC Knowledge Center is constantly growing and is a great resource for all of your cooling tower, closed circuit cooling tower, evaporative condenser, and ice thermal storage needs.

Which is why I am thrilled to tell you about a few new documents we have recently added to our stockpile.

BAC’s hygienic cold water basin is in a class by itself. This dual sloped design helps keep the cold water basin clean, reducing the overall operating cost through less water treatment. See diagrams and find out more information in this Product Spotlight.

You’ve seen us blow it up, shoot it, and launch ladder legs at it – you know that the TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System is tough. But did you also know, it can also help to scrub emergency exhaust in refrigeration applications? Find out more in this Product Spotlight: Using a TriArmor Basin to Scrub Emergency Exhaust.

What reduces scale AND sustains thermal performance? BAC’s patented Combined Flow Technology! This latest Product Spotlight gets to the heart of the issue, giving diagrams and explanations on what Combined Flow Technology is and why it is so important.

Not what you are looking for today? Need something else? Let us know! We are always adding to the Knowledge Center and we want to make sure it is what you need! Drop me an email at and let me know what other resources YOU are looking for!

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29 Mar

Resource Central

One of the great places on BAC’s website, in case you haven’t explored it, is […]

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