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Barcelona District Cooling with BAC’s Ice Thermal Storage

Barcelona District Cooling with BAC’s Ice Thermal Storage

Barcelona, Spain, is a major cultural and economic center in southwestern Europe, influencing fashion, media, commerce, and the arts, a city packed with people and a mix of modern as well as ancient architectural marvels. In 2002, Barcelona opened a new heating and cooling project aimed at being more efficient and sustainable. The network services 70 buildings, provides 46.6 MW of heat and 69.2 MW of cooling.

Two plants, Forum Plant and Tanger Plant, provide continuous energy, maximizing the efficiency of the network and the service offered. Tanger, the second installation, is the most recent addition, and utilizes BAC’s Ice Thermal Storage. Designers opted for an ice thermal storage system compared to a cold water system due to space limitations and surface area. Tanger contains 23,000 ton hours of cooling, utilizing 45 ice coils inside of a concrete tank. The system is designed to melt the ice in minimum of 4 hour windows, extending to 8 hours during peak load summer hours.

By integrating the Forum and Tanger Plants into the city, Barcelona avoided the emission of 10,961 tons of CO2 – the equivalent to planting 548,000 trees, according to an article recently written in May’s issue of INFOPower.

For more information, and to read the article, access INFOPower’s May issue at: and see page 51.