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Introducing the New PF2

Introducing the New PF2

Baltimore, MD — Baltimore Aircoil Company is pleased to introduce the all new PF2 Closed Circuit Cooling Tower, featuring patent-pending SmartSpray™ Technology. With the addition of the PF2, BAC offers the most efficient and comprehensive product portfolio of Closed Circuit Cooling Towers in the industry.

With this latest innovation, the PF2:

  • Provides a low energy solution capable of extended hours of dry operation.
  • Provides a low energy, drop-in replacement for many existing centrifugal fan units.
  • Directly challenges competitors in both the new and replacement markets.

The PF2 embodies the BAC design objective of delivering superior customer benefits to give you the competitive edge when specifying the differentiable features of the PF2. To find out more, visit today.