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Reduced Height FXV Models Now Available

Reduced Height FXV Models Now Available

Baltimore, MD — Baltimore Aircoil Company is pleased to introduce fifty-seven new FXV Closed Circuit Cooling Tower models that provide selections up to three feet shorter in height than current models. These new 23Q and 23T models are being added to the FXV 8×12, 8×18, 12×12, and 12×18 unit sizes based on feedback for reduced height solutions.

These new models will maximize your options on many projects and provide an excellent low energy solution for:

  • Height sensitive installations
  • Replacing popular previous generation models

The Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Selection Program has been updated with the new FXV models and selections can me made immediately! All supporting brochures, manuals, and drawings (CAD/BIM) have been updated on BAC’s website.

If you have any questions or need additional information concerning this exciting expansion of the FXV product line, please contact your local BAC Representative.