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Introducing the All New XE-Series 3000 Cooling Tower

Introducing the All New XE-Series 3000 Cooling Tower

Baltimore, MD — The all new XE-Series 3000 Cooling Tower is the newest addition to the BAC Cooling Tower portfolio and is tailored for projects that require an extremely efficient offering:

  • Lowest operating costs with justifiable payback periods
  • Sound reductions of up to 3dB
  • Increased operating reliability by extending the life of the mechanical drive components (minimum L10 bearing life 288,000 hours)
  • Contributions to Energy and Atmosphere LEED® Credit Points (EAc1)

The all new XE-Series Cooling Towers are at least two times more efficient than the minimum requirements established in ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2013 making it the most efficient cooling tower in the industry. For more information, click here.