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Introducing the New Series 3000 Cooling Tower

Introducing the New Series 3000 Cooling Tower

Baltimore, MD — Baltimore Aircoil Company is pleased to introduce a New Era of Energy Efficient Cooling Towers through its new and improved Series 3000 Cooling Tower.

The New Series 3000 Cooling Tower extends the lead with:

  • Up to 16% increase in thermal capacity
  • Improved energy efficiency for reduced operating costs
  • Enhanced payback analysis based on energy savings
  • Exceeds New 2013 Efficiency requirements for ASHRAE 90.1
  • Most reliable year-round performance with superior winter operating characteristics
  • More selection flexibility with additional models
  • Easiest to maintain with direct access to fan drive system, cold water basin and water distribution system

BAC’s newest offerings are the most energy efficient open circuit cooling towers available in the market, providing a solution for all of your application needs. For more information, click here.