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Revit Content is Now Available for All Cooling Towers

Revit Content is Now Available for All Cooling Towers

Baltimore, MD (June 27th, 2014) –You’ve asked for it, now we have it! Revit content is now available for all cooling towers. BAC’s Revit content has been designed with the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineer in mind. Since Revit content is dynamic, BAC product content will change based on flow conditions and selectable construction options.

To learn more about the various drawing file types BAC offers and to download Revit content, please click on the drawing links below:

Revit Tip: BAC’s Revit Content is placed in one product family ZIP file. This ZIP file contains the Revit Family file (RFA), a like named Type Catalog (TXT), and General Information file (PDF). The RFA and TXT files MUST be copied together into the user’s Revit Content Library. The included PDF in the zip file explains how to use the BAC product family. Please note, when opened independently, the RFA file will only display a single model variant, usually the smallest in the product range. This is typical for Revit families provided with a Type Catalog.

In addition to Revit files, the following drawing files are also available for all cooling towers:

  • SAT ACIS 3D Geometry exchange files
  • DXF R2000 AutoCAD drawing exchange files
  • CAD and PDF tabulated unit prints and tabulated steel supports

Revit content is also available for FXV and PF2 Closed Circuit Cooling Towers. As additional Revit content packaged for the website becomes available for other products, the content will be posted.