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ENDURADRIVE™ Retrofit Kit for Series 3000 Cooling Towers

ENDURADRIVE™ Retrofit Kit for Series 3000 Cooling Towers

Baltimore, MD (August 13th, 2015) – Today, Baltimore Aircoil Company announced the release of the ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System Retrofit Kit, the first variable speed direct-drive solution for previous generation factory-assembled Series 3000 Cooling Towers. The kit includes an engineered solution and structural upgrades to handle the new ENDURADRIVE Fan System which provides unmatched reliability and superior energy savings with the lowest maintenance costs in the industry.

Brad Considine, VP of Global Sales and Marketing said, “The industry has been looking for a more reliable drive system than the gear-drive system while providing the lowest total cost of ownership. BAC continues to strive to give our customers the most innovative, energy efficient, maintenance-friendly and reliable solutions.”

Available exclusively on the Series 3000 Cooling Tower, the ENDURADRIVE Fan System offers a 10% reduction in energy costs, a 90% reduction in maintenance costs compared to a gear-drive system, with 100% reliability on the drive system.