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Series V Cooling Tower Product Line Expansion

Series V Cooling Tower Product Line Expansion

Baltimore, MD (July 14th, 2015) – Baltimore Aircoil Company is pleased to announce the addition of the new 10-foot models to the Series V Cooling Tower product line. For customers looking to save on installation costs when replacing previous generation of Series V or similar competitor’s models, the Series V Cooling Tower provides the best solution.

The Series V Cooling Tower now offers four new configurations (10×12, 10×18, 10×24, and 10×36) with 38 new models that are certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI). These new models can achieve up to 11% more capacity than similar competitor’s models helping reduce energy consumption.

Series V offers customers the lowest installed costs in like-for-like replacement projects by using existing steel support with no adapter frame and by having piping locations similar to that of the original equipment. In addition, Series V Cooling Tower is the perfect solution for indoor, ducted, and/or sound sensitive applications due to its centrifugal fan and single side air intake.