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Product & Application Handbook – Volume V

Product & Application Handbook – Volume V

Baltimore, MD (October 6, 2015) – Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) is pleased to announce the release of the Product & Application Handbook, Volume V. This latest edition reflects BAC’s commitment to innovation, showcasing a record number of new product launches over the last few years.

This handbook now contains more than 800 pages of valuable product and technical information, and we believe that you will find Volume V to truly be the one resource for all of your customers’ design, application, and specification needs.

New for Volume V

  • Series 3000 Cooling Tower updates including XE Models and the ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System
  • Series 1500 Cooling Tower updates including XE Models
  • New PFi Closed Circuit Cooling Tower
  • New PCC Evaporative Condenser
  • Addition of the Series V 10 ft Cooling Tower Models
  • CXVT Evaporative Condenser updates including XE Models
  • TrilliumSeries™ Condenser including models for Transcritical CO2 Applications
  • Expanded technical resource section

Want a copy of your own? Contact your local BAC Representative! Can’t wait to get the printed version or just like to use an eBook version? Check out the downloadable PDF.