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FXV3 Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

FXV3 Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Baltimore, MD (December 9, 2016) – Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) is providing new solutions for your industrial cooling needs. The FXV3 Closed Circuit tower boasts an innovative set of features, giving new meaning to reliability and efficiency. Now the highest capacity modular closed circuit cooling tower on the market, the FXV3 surpasses historical standards.

The FXV3 brings unmatched reliability with:

  • ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System – The only variable speed direct drive solution for modular cooling towers that virtually eliminates maintenance and downtime.
  • Up to 20% higher capacity in the same single cell footprint than other similar industry products. Certified Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) tested.
  • Upgraded seismic and wind load capabilities to meet IBC code requirements.

Contact BAC for more details on how the FXV3 can offer the greatest value for your application.