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Series 5000 Industrial Grade Modular Cooling Tower

Series 5000 Industrial Grade Modular Cooling Tower

Baltimore, MD (December 9th, 2016) – The Series 5000 Industrial Grade Modular Cooling Tower is the ultimate solution for industrial dirty water applications where performance, reliability and ease of maintenance are critical. Using BAC’s advanced ENDURAFLOW™ Heat Transfer System which includes splash fill, the Series 5000 is able to withstand clogging from dirty water. With modular installation this tower also makes a perfect replacement for field erected towers in a fraction of the time. Pair that technology with the reliability of the ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System and our unique materials of construction and you’re left with the most reliable, durable and easily maintained tower in the industry.

The Series 5000 exclusive features include:

  • ENDURAFLOW ™ Heat Transfer System – The patent pending system includes splash fill technology which prevents clogging and heat exchanger fouling, saving you time and money. It also is easy to maintain and allows for cleaning while the tower is in operation.
  • ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System – The only variable speed direct drive solution for modular cooling towers that virtually eliminates maintenance and downtime
  • EVERTOUGH™ Construction – Designed and tested for the most adverse conditions, is offered as standard on the Series 5000 and includes the most corrosion-resistant option on every component including the TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System basin.
  • Flow range from 425 GPM to 4500 GPM