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Closed Loop Systems Webinar – November 16

Closed Loop Systems Webinar – November 16


Presented Live November 16, 2017
2 pm EST
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In this webinar, BAC’s Frank Morrison and Andrew Rushworth will review how closed loop cooling systems deliver many benefits compared to traditional open loop systems, such as reduced fouling, less risk of fluid contamination, and increased system reliability and uptime. Several methods can be used to “close the loop”, including the use of an open circuit cooling tower coupled with a plate & frame heat exchanger or the use of a closed circuit cooling tower, also called a fluid cooler.

Every webinar attendee that is logged in for at least 45 minutes will receive a Certificate of Achievement. The certificate, which is distributed by ASHRAE, can be used to obtain CEU credits.

This webinar is also now available on our website.  Watch it today!