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Closing the Loop White Paper Now Available

Closing the Loop White Paper Now Available

BAC recently presented a webinar in conjunction with High Performance Buildings Magazine titled “Closed Loop Systems – Open Tower/Heat Exchanger or Fluid Cooler – Which Is Best for Your Application?”  This informative webinar, presented by Baltimore Aircoil Company’s Andrew Rushworth and Frank Morrison, experienced the largest audience for any HPB Webinar offered during 2017!  Click here to view a recording of this webinar.

To complement the information that was presented, a companion white paper is now available on BAC’s website titled “Closing the Loop – What’s best for your system?”  This paper explores the benefits of closed loop cooling systems as well as provides key information on how to efficiently and effectively “close the loop” with either an open circuit cooling tower + heat exchanger combination or a fluid cooler.  Click here to download the white paper.

For more information on closed loop cooling systems and evaporative heat rejection equipment, please contact your local BAC Sales Representative today.