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Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson, Plant Manager – Milford, Delaware

As Plant Manager, I have responsibility for the overall financial performance of BAC’s largest global manufacturing facility. While still in college, I had the opportunity to intern at Amsted Rail. Since starting full-time in 2007, I’ve worked in purchasing, operations and supply chain management for both Amsted Rail and BAC. Amsted has supported my professional development in countless ways, from assisting in my graduate education, to leadership training, to allowing me to pursue career directions that enhanced my personal growth. I’m proud to be part of one of the largest ESOP companies. Even though it’s one of Forbes largest privately held companies, it has the feel of a family run company.


Kelly Lairs

Kelly Lairs, HR International Recruitment & Development – Baltimore Aircoil NV Europe

I’m responsible for day-to-day HR support, recruitment and development at BAC Belgium. I also function as the key HR contact for our offices in Spain and the UK. I’ve been working in the same capacity since I began at the company in 2011. What’s great about working at BAC is being part of a global team and building strong relationships throughout the organization. We have very little staff turnover at BAC and this makes me very proud to be part of the BAC team. People enjoy working here and they get chances to grow and develop. At BAC, we work hard and show ownership — but always with an element of fun and an open communication style.


Patricia Slate

Patricia (Patty) Slate, Advanced Sales and Applications Engineer – Jessup, Maryland

My responsibilities include providing technical applications support to BAC sales reps, end users, contractors and engineers. This involves everything from customizing quotes, to presenting competitive product strategy, to supporting technical training. Since I started working at BAC in 2015, the company has allowed me to take ownership of large projects, challenge myself every day, and excite our sales force with fresh ideas to drive successful initiatives. I’m proud to be part of the Amsted family and be surrounded by such intelligent, dedicated and hard-working people. The company’s commitment to its employees and its customers is without a doubt the best.


Anne Zhang

Anne Zhang, Plant Manager – BAC China

I oversee the manufacturing operation to ensure we meet customer requirements and achieve company financial goals. I’ve been a part of Amsted Industries for 10 years, starting out as a Marketing Engineer. Over the years, my positions have included Senior Product Engineer, Product Manager and Senior Manager of the Customer Service Center. Amsted is a great place to work. They empower me to make changes that improve the organization’s performance, always ensuring the decision aligns with my conscience. I’m proud to be working for an industry leader, a company that values their responsibility to the customer and to the products and services they deliver.


Frans Saliba

Frans Saliba, Manufacturing Manager – BAC, South Africa

I’m responsible for leading and inspiring a team to deliver a high quality product on time, at the lowest possible cost. I started at the company in 2011 as a “Quality and LEAN engineer” tasked with eliminating waste and achieving continuous development. Amsted has let me grow my leadership skills as well as mentor others to develop theirs. Our company is all about integrity, people, development and performance. I am so proud to be part of an organization like Amsted that places ethics over money. Our code of ethics defines us. The first question we ask ourselves when making a decision is: “What is the right thing to do?”