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BAC @ YOU Baltimore Aircoil Company Blog

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01 Jun

TrilliumSeries™ Condenser


Have you noticed? BAC has a new product! At FMI earlier in May, BAC launched the TrilliumSeries™ Condenser! Unlike any of our other condensers here in the United States the TrilliumSeries™ Condenser uses a patented Dry-Coil Adiabatic™ Design that saves energy, reduces refrigerant charge, and lowers operating costs. With the use of proprietary logic and sophisticated controls, the On-Demand Adiabatic™ Pre-Cooler uses untreated water only on the hottest days to maintain condensing temperatures that typical air-cooled technology simply can’t achieve. The TrilliumSeries™ Condenser saves energy, saves water, and ultimately saves money.


Want more information? We’ve got lots!

– A new video about the product can be viewed here

– Click here to see a System and Peak Energy Savings analysis

– A more detailed explanation of the machine can be found here

– And here you can learn more about the easy maintenance features!


Have any questions? Contact our Refrigeration Department at


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01 Jun

TrilliumSeries™ Condenser

Have you noticed? BAC has a new product! At FMI earlier in May, BAC launched […]

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