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News & Updates

Hybrid Cooling Saves Water, Reduces Energy Use

Learn about how demands for evaporative cooling equipment that uses less water and energy influence the development of hybrid cooling technologies.

Reduce Operating Expenses with New Hybrid Evaporative Cooling Technologies Webinar

Make sure to register today for this webinar presented live August 13, 2019 at 2 p.m. ET.

The TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser Now Has New and Improved CO2 Models

The TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser combines the best of wet and dry cooling and optimizes energy and water savings. BAC is proud to announce new and improved CO2 models.

BAC in the News

Check out the latest information about the Nexus™ Modular Hybrid Cooler and the Vertex™ Evaporative Condenser in industry news!