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News & Updates

2006 International Building Code Seismic Design and Qualification Methods Explained

Baltimore Aircoil Company is committed to engineering equipment to the highest industry standard and is the only cooling tower manufacturer that verifies the seismic design through shake table testing.

Baltimore Aircoil Company announces strategic alliance with Colmac Coil Manufacturing

“With this exciting new development, the two companies are leveraging Colmac’s innovative technology and engineering expertise with BAC’s strong brand, manufacturing know-how, and extensive distribution network,” stated Colmac President Bruce Nelson.

Overwhelmed by complicated controls and wiring? Check out BAC’s new Combined Drive Enclosure!

BAC’s new Combined Drive Enclosure package consolidates a Variable Frequency Drive and Enclosed Controls into a single enclosure.

BAC announces CTI glycol certification on closed circuit cooling towers

This is the first time the thermal performance of closed circuit cooling towers has been certified with fluids other than water by CTI!