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News & Updates

The New CXVT Evaporative Condenser Reduces Operating Costs by up to 48% while helping to Minimize Installation Costs

BAC is pleased to announce the new CXVT Evaporative Condenser which reduces annual operating costs by up to 48% and helps reduce installation costs by minimizing the number of units and refrigerant connections.

The NEW Series 1500 Cooling Towers with Extreme Efficiency (XE) Models

The Series 1500 Cooling Tower is the industry’s most serviceable unit without compromising performance and fit.

The New Series 3000 Cooling Tower Featuring New Whisper Quiet Fan Option

BAC continues to provide solutions for the most extreme sound limitations through the new Whisper Quiet Fan option for the Series 3000 Cooling Tower.

Introducing the All New XE-Series 3000 Cooling Tower

The XE-Series 3000 Cooling Tower is the newest addition to the BAC Cooling Tower portfolio and is tailored for projects that require an extremely efficient offering.