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Company Fact Sheet

BAC Company Fact Sheet


BAC was founded in Baltimore, MD in 1938 by John Engalitcheff, Jr.

Corporate Vision

Be the leading provider of products and services for heat transfer and thermal storage in all markets served.


Don Fetzer, President of Baltimore Aircoil Company, joined BAC in 2011. Prior to joining BAC, Don was Vice President and Controller with Armstrong World Industries, Vice President and CFO with Triangle Pacific Company, and held a number of senior positions with Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Corporate Organization

Baltimore Aircoil Company is headquartered near Baltimore, MD, with wholly-owned manufacturing operations, joint ventures, and licensees around the world.

BAC is one of the AMSTED Industries. AMSTED Industries is a diversified manufacturer of industrial components serving primarily the railroad, vehicular, construction, and building markets.

Products and Services

BAC products and services include cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, evaporative condensers, Ice Thermal Storage equipment, and controls.

Our Technology

BAC products make use of the desirable properties of water, one of nature’s most abundant cooling media, to provide cooling solutions for air conditioning, industrial processes, power generation and refrigeration. In most areas of the world, water is abundant and inexpensive, and its “latent heat”, or ability to reject or absorb large quantities of heat through evaporation (latent heat of vaporization) or freezing (latent heat of fusion) make it ideal for evaporative cooling and Ice Thermal Storage Applications.

Research and Development

Research and development for BAC’s products are conducted at BAC’s 40,000 square foot test facility, one of the most advanced in the industry. Here, engineers and technicians can simulate the broad range of environmental and system operating conditions encountered by our products in actual use. After new concepts are screened by computer modeling, tests are conducted on equipment ranging in size from small prototype modules up through full-scale field-erected cooling towers.

In addition to thermal testing in controlled-environment test chambers, a wide range of material and component development activities are conducted, including fan development, static and dynamic stress evaluations, accelerated aging and corrosion testing, hydraulic tests and wind tunnel tests. Dozens of patents and a complete line of evaporative cooling and thermal storage products have resulted from this state-of-the-art facility.