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BAC Parts


Save operating costs and energy with BAC Equipment Controls! All equipment controls are custom-engineered to operate your new or existing evaporative cooling equipment. Contact your local rep to upgrade your Marley or Evapco Units with BAC Controls!

BAC offers the following for all units:

  • Enclosed controls
  • Variable frequency drives (VFD)
  • Safety disconnect switches
  • Combined Drive Enclosure

Benefits of BAC Equipment Controls:

  • Water and energy savings
  • NEMA-rated enclosures for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Industrial grade components
  • UL listed and CSA/CUL certified
  • Single-source solution
  • Easy installation

BAC Caution Tip

When starting up a variable frequency drive, run the tower through the entire speed range to find and lock out any frequencies that cause unwanted vibrations.

Always select a premium efficiency motor for inverter duty use. All BAC premium efficiency motors are fully compliant with NEMA MG-1 Section-1, Part-9 Inverter Duty Ratings.