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BAC Parts

Basin Heaters

  • UL and CSA rated
  • Durable copper heating elements for long life
  • 2” MPT connection is easy to retrofit into any cooling tower
  • AVAILABILITY: 2 – 24 kW ratings, 50 watts/in2 watt density 200, 230, 460, and 575 volt.
  • Basin heaters are available for purchase on

BAC stocks a complete line of immersion heaters to prevent cold water basin freeze-up during winter weather. These heaters are selected for cooling tower duty and are constructed with copper heating elements rated at 50 watt/in2 with a 2” MPT brass connection and conduit box rated NEMA 4. Heaters are suitable for use in all makes of evaporative cooling equipment.

BAC Tech Tip

Basin heaters are normally selected to maintain 40°F pan water temperatures at 0°F ambient conditions. Your Local BAC Representative can offer selections for other conditions. Heaters should be interlocked with the system spray pumps so that the heaters are not running when there is a heat load, and are energized when there is no heat load and the basin water temperature is 40°F or less.