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BAC Parts

Combined Drive Enclosure

BAC offers a UL Rated Combined Drive Enclosure (CDE), incorporating a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) into an Enclosed Control Package, eliminating the need for two separate enclosures and interconnecting wiring.

How will you Benefit?
Single source solution

  • Communications between the VFD and Logic Controller can now be factory preset and warranted, reducing reliance on third party electricians
  • BALTILOGIC Sequencing Software is now standard on all VFDs, eliminating the need for interconnecting wiring and most external logic controllers.
  • Combined Drive Enclosures with the new BALTILOGIC Sequencing Software use digital output control to sequence fan and spray pump motors, as well as control the functions of the basin heaters, vibration cutout switches, electric water level controls, and positive closure dampers.

Combined Drive Enclosure

BALTILOGIC Sequencing Software:

  • Simple user interface allows easy adjustment to common parameters
  • Start-up wizard simplifies field start-up
  • Eliminates external logic controllers for most applications

Baltilogic Controller
Combined Drive Enclosures:

  • Simplified operator logic
  • Fully automated control mode with manual override
  • Bypass mode accessible from front cover
  • Status and warning lights for all accessories
  • Remote fault reset button for easy system restart
  • Color coded terminal blocks
  • Pre-wired enclosure heater with integral power supply (NEMA 3R)


BAC Factory Start-up:

  • Ensures proper configuration and operation of VFDs and controls
  • Extends standard 2-year (parts only) to 3-year warranty (parts and labor)

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