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BAC Parts

Damper Controls

  • Modulates airflow to save energy and maintain close capacity control
  • Pre-engineered system is easy to retrofit into any centrifugal fan unit
  • End switch kits ensure proper operation on multiple shaft units

A modulating capacity control damper system is available for all BAC centrifugal fan evaporative cooling equipment. They are used when close control of the leaving fluid temperature is required and/or the unit will operate under varying loads and a variable frequency drive is not an option. Automatic control of the dampers can be achieved by installation of a BAC electric damper control package.

The damper control package consists of:

  1. Damper actuator(s)
  2. Damper actuator end switch kits
  3. Temperature controller
  4. Voltage transformer

BAC Maintenance Tip

Replacement temperature sensors may not be compatible with your damper actuators. For assistance contact your Local BAC Representative.