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BAC Parts
Fans and Drives

Premium Efficient Motors

  • Motors are engineered specifically for the rigors of cooling tower applications
  • Made of high-grade FC-200 cast iron for maximum cooling and includes additional grounding plug
  • Permanently sealed bearings never require lubrication and eliminate water contamination to the bearing grease
  • BAC Premium Efficiency Cooling Tower Duty Motors are covered by a 5-year warranty
  • IP55 rating for greater protection from water and particulate contaminants
  • DANGER: Fan guard(s) must be securely in place before operating the unit. Rotating equipment will cause severe personal injury or death to persons who come in contact. Do not perform any service on or near the fans, motors, and drives, or inside the unit without first ensuring that the fans and pump motors are disconnected, locked out, and tagged out. Follow the fan guard installation instructions to ensure that the fan guard(s) are properly installed.

BAC Caution Tip

What does IP mean? IP is an ingress protection rating that states the level of protection from solids and liquids for your motor. The higher the number after the IP identifier, the higher the protection from potential water damage. If your motor is lower than an IP55 rating, you are purchasing a motor that was not properly protected from water seeping into the motor and your motor may prematurely fail in evaporative cooling equipment applications.

Cooling Tower Duty Motors

BAC has worked with motor manufacturers to develop rigorous standards for cooling tower duty motors. While supply companies and our competition might offer replacement motors that will initially function in a cooling tower, BAC offers top quality motors that will reliably continue to operate in the harsh cooling tower environment, resulting in less motor failures, downtime, and replacements. Here at BAC, we believe in our motors so much that we stand by them with a 5-year warranty, compared to the 1-3 year industry standard.

Industry Rated Performance and Durability:

  • Built according to inverter duty NEMA Standard MG1, Section IV, Part 31 and designed for operation in 100% humidity
  • IEEE 112, Method B, tested ensuring performance and survivability
  • IP55 rating for superior protection against pressurized water jets from all directions

Energy Efficient with Flexible Installation:

  • Meets or exceeds all NEMA Premium and Consortium for Energy Efficiency energy requirements with efficiency values certified by UL (CSA C390)
  • Meet Design B torques, maintaining exceedingly high breakdown and locked rotor torque while providing the highest rated efficiency levels
  • Designed to operate in either horizontal, shaft up, or shaft down positions
  • Multiple end shield drain plugs for all position mounting