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BAC Parts
Fans and Drives

Solid Shafts

  • Specially selected tubing materials ensure strength and durability
  • BAC shafts are precision manufactured for vibration-free operation
  • Epoxy-coated for corrosion resistance
  • Journals are ground and polished for an accurate fit and easy bearing and drive component installation
  • Long keyways for multiple drive combinations
  • Grooved flats for positive, secure set-screw installation
  • AVAILABILITY: Sizes from 1” to 2-15/16” diameter and 18” to 148” long. Many available with nickel plating or in stainless steel for added corrosion resistance.
  • DANGER: Fan guard(s) must be securely in place before operating the unit. Rotating equipment will cause severe personal injury or death to persons who come in contact. Do not perform any service on or near the fans, motors, and drives, or inside the unit without first ensuring that the fans and pump motors are disconnected, locked out, and tagged out. Follow the fan guard installation instructions to ensure that the fan guard(s) are properly installed.

BAC Caution Tip

Hub clamp bolts should be tightened gradually to a torque of 30 ft/lbs. Tighten bolts evenly around the clamp so that gaps are equal.