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Aluminum Fan & Bushing Installation Instructions

BAC Aluminum fans are installed using a standard cast iron bushing with special length bolts. The proper bolts are  provided  with each bushing kit. Proper installation also requires the bolts to be tightened  to the specific torque values for each fan and bushing type as shown on the chart below.

Fan Type Product Type Bushing Type  Bolt Torque (FT-LBS)
A VCA P 16
A VCA Q 29
C PT2, Series 3000, Series 1500, FXV and CXV Dual Air Intakes, PC2 Q 29
C Series 3000 R 29
C Series 3000 E 22

Read complete instructions before proceeding:

  1. Failure  to follow these instructions may result in a cracked hub.
  2. Do not use “Never Seize” or any lubricants on the bolts, bushings or shaft.
  3. Do not attempt to bottom out the bushing in the aluminum fan hub. After proper bolt torque is applied, there should be a gap between the bushing flange and fan hub.
  4. Use the longest bolts provided with the bushing kit
  5. Wipe the shaft, bushing bore, bushing taper, and fan hub bore with a cleaning solvent to remove any dirt and oil
  6. Tighten each bolt a little at a time so that the bushing draws evenly into the fan hub without cocking to one side or the other. Torque the bolts as specified on the chart above. Rotate the shaft to verify that it does not wobble.